We humans, have a duty,

To preserve the planet.

For we all have nowhere else to go

And I know how it’s like.

The only known place in the universe holding life.

And we destroy it.

Isn’t the human the most advanced specie…


La Pomme ne brille plus.

To improve the switch,

Or change all the lights..

J’ai cru te voir,

Tu ne me hantes plus,

Ne reviens jamais.

What is youth ?

What is it supposed to be ?

Killer Clown,

Show me the secret.

“You are among the very few to possess it, a skill denied to all for it is too powerful,”

Learn How To Use It

One, day, after, an, other, day…

One day, after, another day.

Tant pis.

Up to the ground,

Up to the sky,

Up to beyond.

Trois actes, Deux vies, Une âme.

For who misses the train either dies or learn to fly


garçon interstellaire