One more

About you

For we’re happy together

And I hope it’ll last as long as we can

And if life is short it’s a blessing

That we might get to the end

And forever I’ll rest peacefully

You’re special, atypical,

Not the kind that’s not emotional.

Feeling is what we most have valuable

And I believe I’m capable,

For once to not give up

And go away

Like I always did,

For once I might wanna grow up,

And let’s keep things simple,

For future might be dark,

And the present is so shiny.

For I found my way and know my destiny,

Everything I’ll do for it.

And I’ll avoid, Drowning near the Quais

Kissing boys is underrated,

Bright Blue Sky Beyond The Clouds

Keep Things Simple

Could we all live in the present moment ?

Would it help ending endless suffering ?

One book is what we need,

Time won’t let me go

Shall I fully live out of this philosophy, and forever stop caring what’s next.

No matter what happens,

As long as I breathe, as long as my heart beats.

I’ll be there for u.


garçon interstellaire