Dix-Huit Heures

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How not to sleep

Turns into an android,

Dix-huit heures sans pause,

18heures sans cligner des yeux

L‘ego humain est splendide

Self deception at its highest

Maybe I will, why wouldn’t I.

I’ve never seen such mindset

It frightens, to be able to bet your hand, on such lies,…

pity isn’t what I’ll have.



What A Mystery Love Is, Boundless Moral

ytriht ot ti ekam tnow i yhw staht

Is not answering your final decision..?

For I could have said worse,

I could have used such words,

As an android, fearless speech,

I m p a s s i v e

For each action an equal and opposite reaction

Realizing we bring about the negative we think, makes us try positive thinking.

Is it a video ?

Is it a video ?

who’s right in the end

Common Justice

Une personne manipulatrice te parle beaucoup. Beaucoup trop.

Énergie mentale libérée..

Un état secret, un état solaire.

À faire la même action, durant dix-huit heures.

Le temps passe, les choses changent


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