Mon amour tue,

Non je n’ai pas de roi

thank you jhonny

Dans vingt minutes le couvre-feu, et je n’suis qu’à peine parti,

I don’t know what to say, but I have to say.

I think we make what we deep inside think, for I’ve never seen the world in a rational way, this theory works in single player, hence is it really multiplayer, or am I just wrong, full of biais I am aware, yet it does work. positive and negative, you may fuck karma and it will fuck you harder, you may love karma and it will love you harder, and if it was only coincidences, would I know by now.. if desperately looking for sense was the reason, am I a human interpreting random beeps, am I simply stupid, or did I found a law, for I do right and good happens, for I do wrong and bad happens, inked yet doubtful, even after months, fuck was the first word, amnesia was the second, they persist together, is there radical changes for people like us, or is it game over since the beginning, since the first time we realized, trust was the third, but no one was fourth, for it proves yes again, that ink says right, and fifth is trust again, karma was sixth for I followed the rules, love was seventh, for the second chance to myself had been permitted, failure is eighth, because it was deception to imagine such a relationship.

ForceField helps prevent physical self-harm,

Dots are a cage,

The Dot is freedom

Non Violent Communication solves every problem, until rage is out of control.

Mika is because I wanted to never forget, yet I did.


garçon interstellaire