I’m afraid that I’m afraid

What is fog ?

To have nothing to hide

Don’t stop the dance

And I thought it’d never happen again..

v i b r a t i o n s c é l e s t e s

Le monde réapparait la nuit,

Maybe reality is the dream and dreams are reality.

You ever think about that ?

since we did it, what will happen then,


deep blue

Entrer dans le cercle vertueux. je veux cet état d’esprit.

Sans pilules, non merci÷≠~

I know the thinking, I need the pattern.

Write your world.

how many sleepless nights.. to cover for all the wasted time.

“Keep on dreaming..”

why does it still hurt

Ték al de pokemonz yn dis trep

Que sais-je faire si ce n’est penser,

Que sais-je faire si ce n’est écrire ces pensées.


Make energy off the road

But you look so beautiful


garçon interstellaire