i’m just the mirror of people that come to me

Keep moving no matter how hard it is.

I’m just drifting to space

Going south with you is just the best feeling

To cry or not to smile ?

my screen is filled with ashes

is the sparkle forever gone

Should I Stay Or Should I Go ?!

It’s harder to break the fourth wall

somwehere after midnight

Yeux ouverts,

Pieds sur Terre

Don’t shut your mouth

Les 80’s seront toujours d’actualité.*

In love but afraid ? In love ? Afraid ?

If you’re afraid to love, afraid to take a chance, you’d better hide your feelings*

Close to you, but far away

Up-side-down, boy you turn me.*

“Mas il est très bien c’garçon !”

I don’t wanna talk, about things we’ve gone through*

Coincidences never lie

Follow the cards

Thank you.

Cheers to Life


garçon interstellaire