Et sur mes draps il ne reste que la trace de mes mains glissant dans un âbyme sans fin

Chaos will one day arise when everyone is silent.

Vidé d’émotions pour ne plus penser

but sadness eternally comes back

And if you ever feel alone again, please don’t call me, forget me, because you won’t come back, and I will suffer.

.continue to chisel your heart

tired of trying to be something that I can’t be

and I’m tired if fighting for there is nothing ever more than this material world,

.let them swallow you

was it even worth it, so much suffering, why did i gave you all my love

and we’ve both never felt so alive,

to feel,… alive

.let it go, all of your will, all of your strength

i just wanna feel something, i just wanna feel..

i don’t wanna feel something, i don’t wanna feel


garçon interstellaire