05 ++

Choisis ta voix

Billets imprimés couvrent le sol

600. 6537

I just think that one day there will be such an understanding of the world that we may at once stop all suffering

Huit bâtons Ace of Pentacle

Jamais sous un lustre

Jamais derrière une porte

Sentiments infinis

Ivre de soi-même


IPP310 smiles

Watch your thoughts,

Feel The vibes

3 000¥

I just wanna feel, I just wanna feel….


Will He..

sixteen can keep a secret, so far seventeen stays in the cave

Feeling Good As Hell !! Why not print my thoughts and expose them wherever we fucking can ?!

he don’t love you anymore

keep your lips sealed

walk your fine ass out the door

walk away

shut it down

can it ever stop restarting ?

Où sont les combustibles


garçon interstellaire