Il n’y a pas de roses dans l’oversose

feel the pain of your scars

feel them

tired is the body

tired is the mind

Throw everything away sometimes

Cheers to the new beginnings and the open veins

How’s gonna be tomorrow…

Should I stay or should I go


And Cream

What do you want what do you want what do you want, tell me.

Still alive ?

Finish the tasks

Remember the goals

Life is astray

Death is glory

How many days how many months would I sob

1.. 2.. 3.. Go Away

gifts for everyone

roofy dungle

Pumpum Kin

Another Lovely Evening

Get out of my head, get out

Very Bad Kids

keep the straps away

Kiss my face, touch my lips, dream in peace

etalsnart ti lla

it bloows my mind


garçon interstellaire