déprimé, chaleur, inhibition des émotions

si peu d’inertie

back back, back in time

running circle

just to be, comfortable

circles circles, just to be, comfortable

reach the eeedge,

Look beneath

Heads up


Step on your self-made bricks

Wish it will hold

Not like we got a degree

In any physics, mathemathics, science, an all the shit


Nothing but thoughts

What else do we have

Si ce n’est que ton intégrité physique et mentale,.. que possèdes tu.

Like a horse, ride far away

Like a hamster, run but nowhere

Cotton Candy Heart

Why why why why why why

Worst part is it works


Le Bien Le Mal Peu Définissable


who could jump any .moment.

who could cut them open any .moment.

who’s crazy immersed in .madness.

who didn’t who didn’t have a .mattress.

who’s being played by .mom.

who’s terrified by .me.

who’s an endless wreck thank you .mama.

who helped and tried his hardest .papa.

Will you Always Love Me ?

Wherever you may go I’ll follow you.

You know.

crying crying i keep disappointing

Jealousy kills me when it’s not Envy.


garçon interstellaire