Yesterday I heard you say

And that’s sad

Let’s make a decision

Start a religion

La plus belle façon de mourir du me demandais, en quittant la matrice je dirais

ru ru ru aw

tears and get up

Write for your future

in ectasy so rarely these days

the wicked game

Waster away

“Aimer c’est rendre libre”. Tes paroles sont restées gravées.

How rare are these persons, be that kind of person.

you ain’t nothing

Lay lay later

See you. later.

See you. never.

Ugly boy

Weird looks

Charming them aint i ? duh

When you seek you understand the value of life

when you healthy you burn your lungs and dry your stomach, acid fluids and acid solids, why feeling so saddy, why sleepy so badly, why drama with everyone

Non, je ne fais confiance à rien.

Who so obsessive between you and me. don’t ever forget you’re with your younger you

Tryna be sick

Tryna die at work

The point of failure, where everything breaks, when everything’s sad again.

It’s a dangerous place

thank you artists,

-if you get eaten what happens out of your soul ?

you forgot what you signed, did you read the policy ?

Did we ever give you a copy of the social contract .i.

Bck dwn t th ndrsrfc

Earn the right to work to earn the work to earn the right to earn to work

It’s just paper work

Pack.Your.Shit. now you saddy saddy

Non haha, le parquet n’était pas assez confortable

One day, someday i’ll drop dead. and all the wasted time.

Do you really love me ? please set me free, please understand me, please don’t lie to me.

If you do, really let me work. and trust me i’m never fine with a cage

Tel un rat toute cage, je ronge, je dissous, à en briser mon âme, mon cœurs. crois moi je t’en pris.

Just an initial here, and here, and here.

Stop the drugs

Se sevrer pour mieux relativiser.

you clever bitch so stupid.

I’m having sex with a ghost


garçon interstellaire