On vit dans un monde où tout le monde peut tout faire et personne peut rien faire

trois heures treize

Sans Signalisation

settle down

in your place

A few priceless hours

This place is Paradise

Merci d’être venu




Whatever we sell them, we shall sell

To earn the right to work to earn to work

To give our life meaning

To make the most of this experience

Experienced once

Don’t your realize your value

Don’t you realize I love you

Don’t you realized I’m not confused anymore

The shots that I’ll take

I need you. I need time. I need you. I need time.

Begged me to stay, Begged me to come, If it hadn’t been you it would have been me.

Sweetheart stay forever

Is it bad if we can never separate

How did I earn the most beautiful thing on earth ?

How did this magnificent boy fell in love ?

Lyrics in several layers

Spotless Place

Style down from the bottom


In one Week

Forced Evolution


Access this state. Nothing more it needs that nothing but nothingness to acces the best state

Light Camera Action


. Smile Through The Pain .


garçon interstellaire