Pluie de nuit

Extract, these thoughts

room with a view


sorry i’m not jealous anymore

sorry i’m still driven by my aimless desires

Tout est plus froid lorsqu’il pleut la nuit

Sorry you think I’m a bastard

Sorry you want me

Sorry I’m stupid

Sorry you love me

Sorry to exist

Sorry for ruining everything

sounds from space

encore une aquarelle

toujours plus de cicatrices

Paris and what ?

can’t we stand being alone

next time the phone will be off

Off for real

Next time i’ll be gone, gone for real

Sorry I’m a bastard

Sorry I stole your heart

pleine lumière

take your pills and stop shifting

happy all the time happy all the time

can’t you see i’m just horny

can’t you see i don’t care about them

i built a switch and it’s often off

i want you to forget me…


garçon interstellaire