Don’t Listen

Unforgettable melodies

Unforgettable memories

There’s a tree by a river

change the mood

kill the killers

kill them all

all the thoughts

thriving thoughts

unfaithful thoughts

tant de temps

un très long bon moment

Yes I write Yes I always will

Rings à portée d’main

Corps d’athlète à portée d’mois

Near a tree by a river there’s a hole in the ground,

Don’t jum, that’s too late.

and around and around

We Know Everything

one last dance

delay that dance

forever smile

forever cries

To look in the eyes, staring at you

For it was the last

And time goes by, … like sand in hands

Lost in thoughts that’s why it works with no thoughts

Listen To Your Heart

Knowing the depths of the worlds

One fucking Life

détachement sentimental un jour, profiter de ce corps un jour

Un jour jamais

Listen but please don’t be affected

Beneath the edges of the vast sea

Love From Heaven

Lies From Hell

God bless you. I’m here. I’ll always be.


garçon interstellaire