Never with a O

if only we could listen to music faster

I’m in love

I’lle never lose my mind

focus.breathe.relax.slow down.pause.

alors ?

is it cheating to listen to them

for no other way is there to elevate sometimes

choose wisely.

c’est quand t’es fatigué qu’tu dois te réveiller

9heures sans cesse, constante pression, croissante dépression,

Et quand c’est fini, et bah yen a encore.

Tout rime,

Rythme éternel,

Now you can, change the setting.

Time goes by, so weirdly.

How many times. will you hang up.

Don’t hang on me, don’t hang on it.

Oh you shouldn’t realt shouldn’t follow them

because everything is dark under their sky

And I I follow, them anyway

Always a battle

very often lost

Who in the universe would make such a boy ?

Who’s making anything except us

Why not leave us, and just make the most of it

For one life can be lived well,

Jaune uni était, gris le devient.

Car toutes s’envolent, plus loin qu’elle ne devrait

Car personne ne suis son destin

Chacun le crée bien trop souvent inconsciemment


too bad for you you found me

too bad for you

you fell in love

Dance fucking dance

Care fucking not

Live fucking always

Not once



Alchemy instead of chemistry

Love song fucking under the skies, pretty stars

No one is prettier

New doors new corridor

New door new corridors

Car parfois j’écris en français pour toi, car je compte pour toi, toutes ses bougies qui ne représentent rien.

Profite de cette vie,

Vie la.

Par grandes respirations,

Par grandes tristesses,

Par grands bonheurs,

Sous la pluie,

En plein soleil.

Tu n’en as qu’une, ne la gâche pas

When will be the time for me to go.

I’ll be your weeping pillow, I’ll try my best

Now promise me, you’ll be happy, because misery, isn’t funny. Maybe it’s just my reason to be. In your life. To tell you this.

Je t’aime


garçon interstellaire