C’est la vie

our souls should meet again some day.

Fixe moi et dis moi ce que tu vois

Fixe moi et dis moi ce que tu veux.

Well. that sounds like a fucking plan.

just one broken leg, so careless

Wa die dj’blosvo

so many lines so much knowledge, sitting there outside my brain,

Local Sandbox.

Immunité absolue.

Months went by

too many sleeping reminders

Tonight, is the night. cul sec.

You’re highly probably in the best version possible of the many futures, be aware

Be grateful.

embrace darkness to never quit, if there was ever a reason to.

make your wish, he probably has the same.

When I saw you the first time

i knew you’d take me away from my world, and bring me into yours

Die young or don’t.


118 jours

en boucle.

les premiers posts marquent la fondation, le reste n’est que simulation,

trust, i didn’t trust

Wake up from the dream

is it myself slowing me down…

it would be the perfect comedy

16 before the apocalypse,

tout exporter


putain d’vie

Never ever gonna stop. yes i do .keep denying.

un fragment d’stimulation et la torche brûle des forêts.


garçon interstellaire