i called and there was

thinking about you and how it would be


did we forget

low battery

low energy

blue phase

never alone

unsaid things

confused thoughts

confused wants

what the fuck

what’s the final act

how’s the final act

will we lose him tonight

Take the front wheels and bury them

Steering wheel throught the bush

Windshield in the air landing on branches

Maybe Once Again ?

wandering the river

Isn’t that an ocean

Drunk from sleep

Bring me more The Universe brings you moe

Unheard of strangers

maybe.. once again


Don’t sign the closet

fire in the curtains

I would even smoke in the train station

shut up and focus

Ce genre de soirée euphorique à casser les couilles à tout le monde.

sans substance étranges fréquences

Why is it late,

En direction de **** est retardé

Can’t we just fucking sing and be happy

Who is she ?

wasted memories

careless motherfuckers

Haunting faceless

Raise the knights

Un tombeau s’effondre

Cut from the news


Apqidbehdi rhd whh sip


Oh there ; she is


And there he is, a man smoking in the station.

Fall back over

Make it over

One other life

Sadless lifE


garçon interstellaire