last dance

flowers never last forever

drown my emotions,

drown my e-motions.


“tu veux que je pense avec toi ?”

Que sera

Fuck love

See You

In afterworld

drones decimated thousands of cities by now, does anyone have the remote anymore, can anyone change an A.I.

Vibes mean everything

Connection deeper than what you see

You laughed just like him, at everything you say and hear, as if everything is funny, absurd.

Can’t see without a mind

Can’t interpret without a brain

Can be without a body ¿

Waiting for the next apocalypse

And that’s another song to never listen again

Hey stellar, I’ll push you beyond your narrow limitations

Key Hand Lock

Professional picklocker

Nothing down the side of the bridges

Walk past your past

Tune in the moment

une bague retrouvé en un quart de seconde



garçon interstellaire