Les chaînes disparaissent mais ne se brisent,

Corrélation, coordiné

invisible ashtray

Béton Armé

where is my time.. why again

nuage de fumée, obscurité

relier les petits points durs à trouver

Keep the recorder going.

What’s the use for golden black squares

One there, one here, useless

Chaos, how can you function in chaos, nothing ordered, food rotting, dust accumulating, things everywhere

I’m affraid.

I wake up, nothing’s up, again, anytime,

More days, less time

All offense, all the time

All broken, along the line

The rails are going crazy

The train keeps crashing

Somebody else, might take my place

I’m affraid

madness is alive,

Not your hoe

Fuck you, anyway ; keeps the voice talking to me

Silent neighbourhood

end up, never being me.


Faded if you leave me,

Colorier à l’aquarelle

44 – quarante quatre.

good point you have toboko





Inspire et fais la vivre, cette lumière qui t’éteind à petit feu

70 substances

What the fuck is going on

Why does it keep happening.

Blocked access

Hurt again

the voice keeps asking

Tréfonds de l’humeur, Cause de l’humeur, Rush d’émotions,



silent moon

distant sirene

Who’s caught again

The dark stabber, One free mind

Leash leash leash, bite marks.

Sorry I made you feel this way,

what’s going on may you ask, but you know the answer is on the tip on your tongue, on the tip of your mind

Thinking with my Dictionary



garçon interstellaire