Smile for nothing

morbid shit in my mind

off my mind

Storms around

leave the city

join the city

leave the city

This one is murder, 50 foot off the evil place, where you work for free

As if your life dependes upon it, as if you could spend years in a glimpse, as if your dreams were stockpiled in the idea box


Terrified of the future, stay in one place

Yes I’m sorry, Yes you were laughing, but what then,


Join the crew



Everywhere we may go

Faster than anything we may go

The day sounds I can rely on. The day the routine will crush packages

Groceries every decenny

Sometimes you hate your life and it’s enough to end it.

But something make it continue

Electric guts

If it ever happens, he may not stop it. don’t blame him.

Sometimes I knew the world was in balance on the tip of a knife, sometimes I even think it’s spinning, closer and closer to the point it might lose its. balance

Fire hair, electric eyes


garçon interstellaire