Play Pretend

Until it becomes salt in the wound

Je ne vis pas dans le monde pour ceux de qui l’avenir est certain et le passé incertain

Comme Léon mais sans les armes,

And all the trash I looked at, and the plant somehow survived

LA La la

hope you enjoyed our last call

I can’t stand you’re talking when you shouldn’t be living

8:34 Finally a praise, for thy wants die thy mornin’, thus’s how a man can not die

Bum bum bum, bum bum

Takes all it takes

Move your spirit beyond, from far distraction

Before opening your eyes, count to ten


Unrightful bastard who stole others hoodies and hats

what did they use to create you ?

It’s like saying you’re sorry

Does an open heart have to be bleeding

I’d rather live a comic tragedy than a tragic comedy,

It’s nothing that we care to hear.

There’s one thing we all have, and it’s twenty four hours

left left left right left

Wake up You need to make money


garçon interstellaire