Pistache et Madeleine


Notice claire et parfaitement lisible

le paradis a posé sa démission

j’nai pas d’excuses seulement des explications

without time you complain with it you depressed

I may let you go, but I’ll never forget in an eternal sorrow

Sorry I need friends. Sorry for trying to live my life only at this age. You’ll never feel truly sorry cause at mine i’d be past and may never return.

met one met five.


t’as raison j’en n’ai rien à foutre..

I could cry all day but that’s just a detail


And at 3:16 he didn’t see me, somehow i wish he did..

call me please call me

Too late I guess

This one

is for the people still believing in a wonderful world.

Two of my friends have been raped by old junk men. Praying for their safety, and yet still happens. And Yesterday I was here. but yet too far.

Accepting life as it comes may be the sole solution


Ride and Forget your Problems.

le temps d’un court instant tout était un rêve

Mais tout est bien réel

même si rien n’est réel

Les 60 prières t’attendent et te libéreront


garçon interstellaire