And I lost the headset, And I lost the bandana,

Virtually no on can touch you at your last stage

I’m resting even in my sleep

Follow the Universe

It will give you all you want

Behave the way it wants,


Won’t you talk english with me ?

Against the clock each day

Against the wall each fucking week

Against everything you once believed

Against the world for what it has done

Against yourself for what you’ve postponed

We don’t know what’s the system going to be like, ugly or dumb

Peaceful if only

Freedom if only

Sois Indépendant, ta Liberté en dépend, le Jour viendra, ou tout ne sera plus qu’un Mirage.

Mange Bois Chante, tout n’est qu’éphémère et d’ici quelques milliers de jours.. un bref et vague souvenir

I don’t know what our souls are made of.

I don’t know why but I understand how

Is it that a small group of humans had better luck at the Famous Lottery.

There’s only one game, in infinite parallel universes

Make your world embrace yourself, Build it with good values.

Du barrage des


garçon interstellaire