L table

Upon the smallish circulation

Ne saurons nous peut être jamais ce qu’il y a derrière le mur

Mon imagination peut vous faire vomir

no shadows

Vivement l’arrivée du séquenceur automatique

as if in each of us

There once was a fire

As if there is only ashes now

Not this song, please not this song

Now it’s in my head

Tick Tock on the Clock

Toatlly involved in the world.

We know.

That we have a

and it’s like he doesn’t even care


We all have magical powers

Unknown by most of us

Sixth and Seventh sense, Or just the Sixth

Dig deeper.

“maybe you should stop forgiving ?” say the little boy

Cause’ today’s rainy they said

And tomorrow should be bright

Wonder when it will stop. Perhaps never,

After you’ll never wake up again.

Please follow me old people.

if you don’t want me dead. at least let me die slowly

Under the Radar

Lançons la Guilde.

draind lakes

He still manages to hold the old demons ?


The cycle never end. does it ?


.18ans-24h-3èmedose. Ils n’écoutent pas, ça ira toujours plus loin. tant qu’on accepte.


garçon interstellaire