Ride Along

Une fleur fanée s’éternise

Entouré de caoutchouc, de plantes vertes, et de plantes mortes

C’est une nouvelle année qui commence, et qui va commencer

Soit toujours présent, et partout où tu iras, tu demeureras.


hate is not the solution

Why do anything if it doesn’t stay forever

paradigme ambiant terrifiant

How much time would it take to find out.

Either a larva wanting to die or a never out of breath activist

I’ll do it again tomorrow, and again tomorrow and again tomorrow.

What message could I really deliver ?

That the sky is green and the ocean red

Se déposséder une maigre volonté

Feeding despair, how many leashes, and what are they made of

Simple words and complex waste.

Si j’narrive à l’idéal. alors tout ça, aura servi à quoi ?

Do you really ? 7:17

i wonder why then i remember nobody understands this,

self explained, ironic

voyager en plusieurs univers en l’espace d’un circadien

i r r e g u l a r i t y

chronic despair

Lack of focus

kiil yourself



make an impact or die.

live now or never experience life.

keep writing and never cease.

I often wonder what makes them stay alive


garçon interstellaire