These paired

C’est votre téléphone répéta-t-il incéssament


This is a good day

Sitting across the water. watching myself. younger and lost. Someday I won’t be able to witness this self. In a sense there’s only your younger self that’s really forever alive.

Stay alive.

The same music playing, the same feelings going,

Except circumstances. nothin changed’


You don’t wanna die anymore, sadly you don’t know why you’re living either.

Playing as a puppet. Like a sims she told me, years ago. And still the same, despaired.

You suddenly understand more deeply what he meant by present moment, though circumstances change. You are still the same. Right now. Right here.

Like avid e ogame

Break the matrice

You’d still need to go home at some point.

By the strength of yours

Suddenly the tears come across your face. What changed big scale, they’re still winning. you’re still losing.



This moment is eternal if you make it.

Extraire des moments de réalité.

Load it and charge it.

808 remember.

Now go home and cry.


garçon interstellaire