another reality

Shifting Pink sand

Immortalise moi maintenant

Dig the past, in order to make the waste you are into a healthy compost

J’aurai toute la vie cent ans

it’s like a soul contained in the wrong container, it’s like a fracture that let my mind open too far, it’s like i can’t process up to a certain limit, it’s like i don’t believe it contains this much, it’s like a sober overdose,

I remember too much,

mUsic transceNd

C’était nous dans un autre univers, pourquoi pas parallèle, pourtant si différent plutôt perpendiculaire,

so much wasted time, so much wasted time…

si calme et charmant..

bakatit iven though u dont enjoy it

The funniest part is nobody ever reads, Nobody ever cares, Nobody even understand, Cause it’s impossble, it just means I’m alive.

Could you make a living out of proving you’re alive..

falu qu’jretombe sur ce son. CE son.

tsss silly boy


garçon interstellaire