im done seeking

So, how exactly is this gonna end ?

Do they ever reach out ? reach back ?

and I have a chance, I have even more

Spirits away,

Why is he so lucky, Why am I left in indifference, indifferent.

Why is it so, my existence,

Never compelled with thus I wished

So retarded, dying alone,

The wind may take it over

As soon as we’re dead

But it always seems,

That they can’t die

The rythm going, never ending

Is the world now, a better place

Did anything ever changed,

Soon this melody, with which I’m writing,

Never again will sound in my head

Flat lines of code, ones and zeros

No, Lann will not come

Happy alone, as they all say,

at least mad, you depend on no one,

For they all betray, or flee, or bail

Kissed a boy once, for the last. time

I’m seeing ghosts. all day, all nights.

Will you listen to the words of my heart,

Looping on my mind.

Like a broken record

Please tell me the lies, I never wished to desire

Why was I here, the night he was raped, just waiting there, for a last goodbye..

Only I tried to protect against those harms

You too with a motorbike, I would’ve crushed your eyes. your arms, your dick, and your soul.

But once again, as is always,

i’ll just lie down till the needs come off

till the world collapse

till them dreams take over

Goodbye to all, once again, I’m alone


garçon interstellaire