Et non je n’ai toujours pas dormi

Reply to myself

FUCK for how long Didn’t I

For how long should I again survive with that is left in the pantry

Oh dry and sweet pantry

feeding off anything that gives me cancer

yup Birth

Nope day

Look at yourself, which alter was it ?

What about this old man who’d have a heart attack, seeing ink on a face, probably asking if that is, temporary.

Would you die on April.1st

Haha what a fool

Puis on s’en fout, nothing matters *fingers in the airs*

muttering some spaceship sounds

you could jump right now THOUGH

I’m pretty sure I could depress a dog

And drown him with those tears

Dans une piscine regardez-moi Dans ma baignoire oubliez-moi.

to the creation in the end

what else matters

that fucking lines, meaninglesslines

Kill The Messager

what a fucking text

Who I even am ?

Did you ever believe someone would be interested ¿

C’est l’heure du coucher, les oiseaux chantent.


garçon interstellaire