Why is it always at night, they come

Why is it always the same thing, they want

And it’s funny ’cause, me too

They just, die

One day, i know it’ll happen

I feel it, nothin’s holdin back

And I know also it would destroy

The one person who believes in me

What would you do, within a day, a week, a month, a year

It’d haunt me not to know

Can’t we just disappear yet witness still

Still after five years they keep COMING

and I keep Coming

And life is as it should be but that’ what they say what if it’s something else what if nothin’s real just to keep you locked

H sleeps yet

Like An Alien Blues,

Like these thoughts won’t ever dissipate

Was it the best you ever had ? I so much want it to be more, remember all these times


garçon interstellaire