Havent’t you died

Anges déchus ne s’accomodent point

Read it again

Write it again

Feel it again

Want it again

And if it wasn’t for you the blood from the blade would have followed.

Into nothingness, life so meaningless

Sans souffrance n’y a t-il aucune récompense

Et s’il n’y a pas de récompense avec toute cette souffrance

Meaningless suffering

Reject it all

Thank you so much, of course again I would have died inside your arms

They keep listening to the wide band

Fêlins ne s’entrecroisent

Your house is a trash.

Can you dig it ? The underGround

Sorry no goodbye. Sorry no talkings

Sorry unstable. Sorry mute. Sorry stupid. Sorry hate me. Sorry hate it all

Sorry dead want. Sorry heavy. Sorry problem. Sorry ashamed

I’m the

Junk is the norm

enveloppe corporelle. détruite

fluides. éparpillés

entourage. triste/inexistant

How many times will you take five

take it all leave me alone. Are we even friends anymore ?

Dead in the purple room

Z did stop. Y did he try. X knows it all.

si c’est unsabre Seppuku

Un fidèle

Why don’t you talk Why did you leave.

Point Virgule

can’t you remember anything ? Can’t you make a system after all Cant you even see what you’re reading.

En boucle

aucune mémoire