go home – RED ROSES

Maybe he didn’t, even see me

And I have a flash, of the first time,

Strangers than ever,

I passed, did you look, at me ?

You didn’t like music out loud,

They make me hurt then without it

What did you think ?

Why covering your face ?

between the first and the last time

So much has changed

Why did we have to cross our path

Hard working, Drinking at a bar

asking for peace

My face is turning blue

This message was deleted.

This message was deleted.

Paved with pain, it is morning And I’m crying

1:05 1:06

Was that not a mirage, This second didn’t last for minutes ?

go home forget it.

What in the world does this mean

Why on earth would that happen

Come on, take a walk forget it

My body’s aching, I’m wrecking it. for the sake of a roof

I’d rather not say what else I should do

But you don’t know me.


garçon interstellaire