Vitre sécurité est notre priorité. disait la voix dans le fond de sa tëte

Are you entertained ? now that you can finally live, finally experience, all that you wanted to experience, now that there’s nothing but freedom

Everytime is a loose one ? don’t tell me what you’ve done, don’t fill anymore jealousy, or envy, into me


it’s just funny, how many in a row



It’s just how it happens

Align with your mind

My seat is enough, the device is enough, the surrounding is great

More than just a stressed life at the end of it.

Take them back to church. Reveal their own natureKeep

flooding, keep lagging.

Bois de l’eau

Si seulement tous ces principes se retenaient, si seulement mes envies stoppaient de réaliser

Lost Boy Wasn’t It

Would you become yourself back

Celebrate, Don’t hate it


Forget and Forgive but Grow up

Anger I try not to act on that. 611

Our life is only planned by ourselves and everyone keeps forgetting stop please

How are you switching lanes boy

Never stay off the roads,

Comme un chien perdu qui courrait sur la route en contresens, cherchant un sens,


garçon interstellaire