Sweat et bandana

Fucking mask off

Them things we feel.

you know what happens if this happens

chasing or chased

never nod

ain’t no fucking way

fucking phones

J’aurai préféré m’prendre une portière

Putain d’weekend

it’s all gonna be alright, right ?

55 heures

quencsncoese alecened

nothing’s in order

don’t ever listen to the devil however tired you are.

How that is. the poem is written, in my mind that is, already and under approval, lf the current future situation. Why not even write it already, who care anyway.

what was done cannot be undone.the biggest fear is always near

very near


fuckin everything was fine, until


whatever idc,

As long as I let xxxxxx the xxxx xxxx to the xxxxx xxxxx. Whatever hell is can’t be worse than what we brought on this floating rock.

all that for nothing, i wish i never got them back.


garçon interstellaire