Ange gardien

Forgotten islands,

Where crab still land their claws

Flames from the End,

Or from their Fear©

On your knees, for the bombs

Hands in the air, to show white paw,

Virtual handcuffs, virtual protection.

To reach the truth,

We have the keys,

But not the will,

For who sleeps enjoys his dreams.

MadMen spit fear,

guardian angels, fightin’ day n’ night.

Did mine have been corrupted, or beaten up..

Their spear too short to kill,

But did they poison him…

For who could beat a guardian angel ?

Desert islands,

Still, their crooked teeth reach the shores,

For who lives on earth isn’t hidden,

Bats whisper, blind yet willing.

Est-ce que les animaux saignent ?

Endless shit,

You passed the rollercoaster,

Was it fun ?

Did you enjoy vacations ?

Is the house burning ?

it’s a long way to go… heart stopped bleeding,

is it dead or is it gone.


garçon interstellaire

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