W. P. P. U

Soldiers without a face,

Mocking wolf,

Question marks remain,

Certainties emerges,

For who knows how to ask,

Is rewarded

_high frequency, alone only.

Ghili suit,

Camouflaged under special circumstances,

Deadly under certain circumstances.

The Mark applies.

It seems, though unsure,

That Sharkmen,

Working in the shadows,

Have one of their three legs,

Standing on their head.

The cane or the leg.

Do they stomp on them,

There is no need to be a soldier to be a soldier to be a soldier to be a soldier to b…

Catch ’em little butterflies,

Smell them flowers,

World Peace Possible, Undesired.

From Beast to human to superhurobot.

What would happen if a robot knew it was a simulation ?

Study my rhyme

Double Why Double Band

Until the glass shatters,


garçon interstellaire

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