The eyes, the moon,

Butterfly and stars,

Corrupted eye,

Possessed by a demon,

Yesterday he almost had control,

Yesterday I almost lost him. Sorry.

Echo November Zulu Oscar

Mike India Kilo Alfa

Together we’ll beet the world.

I’ll take you in my arms,

We’ll forget everything we know,

And reach the sky.

Holding hands,

Universe to our feet.

I want your face in my neck.

Voilà mon message, parle moi.

Trying to find them,

Running to avoid the scythe.

Like an orchestra, guiding men,

Like a sad dog, looking down.

Visible yet hidden,

Maybe there’s just me,

All that an illusion,

No prince charming,

Hence the sad dog.

Becomes a wolf.


garçon interstellaire

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