Tiny glass angels, fragile..

Found you,


Follow the invisible duck.

Careful though,

He knows you’re behind.

Bring harmony to both you wings,

One’s a titan, the other is just a boy.

Tu tombes sous le charme,

Si je ne m’en empêche je te détruirai.

Toujours résister.

The hat, some keys lead to bad doors.

“Oh please, get back to work”

Those eyes can’t see everything,

Parallel world,

Back off with you dirty look.

Fly away, sorry pen.

“Il est cassé à quoi sert-il ?”

Turns out. its a machine gun..

Held by a cord,

He jumped off the flying machine.

I understand now,

The perspective,

Bullets spilling.

The duck isn’t to follow,

But to track, and execute.

Necklace for only lucky charm.

Travaille pas trop quand même..

-peut être un jour,

où je serai millionaire.


To work for yourself is to gain freedom,

To work for others is to gain slavery.

To not work is something else.

Ugly man still stares at me.

Armed ducks, murder at night,

One stab to the other world.

Pull the plug…

Game over..

Too late,

Just a dream.

For its a dream,

if not why do we dream..

race the clock.


garçon interstellaire

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