These robots with a stoic face

Shooting lasers, terrorizing population.

Et si le temps n’existait pas.

Une montre ne vaut pas une boussole cassée.

Squirrels listen to us.

mixed bag.

The Page knows everything.

To look at time with interest

Insects at least, managed to survive.

It’s funny that in the night we open more our eyes, that is when they’re the most vulnerable

La puissance écrasante d’une souveraineté.

This recurring currency.

In depth analysis cost nothing.

Bees sting, why do we let them alive ?

Après tout allons jusqu’au bout.

Toxic fog spreading around my head,

My world’s so sad,

It’s hard to think, that’s not alright


J’arrête le temps comme un magicien

The podcast for an hour,

Five times in their office.

That’s the odd situation

Rainbow Parrot

And there’s no way out of this frame

That they locked me in

Learn them all.

Take The Time. It’s Yours.


Swipe you Up.

Four letters ; One Mind

Eight letters ; Two Monopoly

Cigarettes & Fun,

Is it the end or is this pen really magical ?


garçon interstellaire

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