Les chats se montrent la nuit.

Perdu dans les étoiles,

Je pense à toi, tu penses à moi

Cœur cyan,

D’une étincelle tout s’embrase.

Birds are not this far,

Will these two survive ?

Sending waves.

Watched again, watched still.

Thank this man whom trust can be given.

Now for always, you’ll stay.

You’re my star, when I look into the sky,

These billions stars..

Riding our bike in the night would be heaven.

An eagle will cover the sky,

Flying the pace of a machine.

For if we split we’re weak,

And if we’re weak we die.

Darts and shots to keep you up.

For sleep will be forbidden.

Making thyself unvulnerable,

One by one zero days disappears.


garçon interstellaire

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