Small Boy

Last page.

The Awful Pit.

Where men are not governed by laws.

Food not for everyone..

Dans l’eau paniquons,

Car nous nous noyons,

Seulement nous flottons..

Invisible net

Everybody can jump.

Why not all be kind,

Bees and butterfly

Pourquoi pourquoi pourquoi

“All I want is to feel a bit,

Break my arm, tear me up.”

Once upon a time,

There lived a little boy,

And he drank all day.

Climbing without any..

How is it possible

Small Boy

“Et sans ça j’me tue, alors je continue”

This guy broke me, surely he’ll never know.

But I heal and walk forward,

Until I run, and then I’ll fly.

Amasser pour redonner.


garçon interstellaire

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