Watch that comet,

In the dark, late at night.

Bright Blue Sky.

Les visages se confondent dans la beauté du temps.

Sans un nuage

I’ve heard it all before

“So, somebody conceive you, then you’re treated a certain way by these people and everyone else, and you basically spend the rest of your life based on these early years. -… And, isn’t there a way to change this..? – There certainly is.”

careful messenger

Ghosts in the roof, fucking animals,

If they came in.. they can come out.

burn the evidence

Square square circle.

Vortex and Paradigm.

You, whoever you are, reading this, can become whatever you want.

Another spider, landed on the pen.

Evil Plant gone so far,

Fuck it.

Feet can resist,

Walking, Running,

Barefoot on the grass,

Come get me,

I won’t succumb,

You won’t succeed.

Now on the page,

Split second to go away.

careful with those lines


garçon interstellaire

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