Les utopies sont possibles, il suffit d’y réfléchir.

Ombres portées, Réalité déportée.

Sadly it’s, temporary,

raviver la flamme,

cette faible flamme,

Le ciel est beau sans nuages et sans soleil..

for clouds are cyan,

and your stare is golden

Soap on skin,

Begged the Devil,

Where these times aren’t anymore.

What if peaches dry ?

I wanna die but I don’t wanna die.

Live as you intend to live.

Life is fucking now. Get this fact.

Acknowledge this fact,

Stick it in your fucking mind.

You are what you want to be, whether you want it or not.

Barefoot sur la route,

Next time I’ll die,

But next time I’ll rest.

Too fucking peaceful.

How to live at night when you need to live at day.

These wings might help again,

For this promise was sure to break anyway.

Being freed from time is addicting

Give Me My Batteries.



garçon interstellaire

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