De symétrie est fait le monde,

De choix sont faites nos vies.

Le temps passe et se casse

11 15 22 22 19 29 26 23 10 26 7 19 26 28 22 9

Doomed world,

And the cat still sleeps,

Blue feathers,

Les graines poussent.

“Now what.. they’re all dead dumbass

– I didn’t like his stare

– Fuck you !”

Behind Green Eyes

Back to Books

for written paper costs gold.

In a world where words are taxed,

who would write ?

In a world with monsters at night, who would hang out ?

What is a world without beasts

De nouveau recommencer

for you know the price and paid

for your debt should be cleared.

No bridges to the past

Only you can build

Anyone can destroy it

I have the solution

Seize darkness

And I’ll show you.

Coup de maître dans la fourmilière,

Dans le nid sont-ils cachés,

S’abreuvent d’un elixir collant.

Finiront par s’épuiser,

D’un long sommeil s’endormant.


garçon interstellaire

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