Almost jumped a cliff.

D’un aigle extérieur.

Trépasser puis remonter, à la surface.

Golem se cache, seulement ne dors presque jamais.

Au combien la pierre est fatiguée.

Sans éléments nous mourrions.

Les animaux survivent.

Les chats suivent leur propre chemin.

The tiger heals

We came from the woods

Can’t swing anymore_

La plume guide.

Par-dessus les obstacles, le ciel s’éclaircit.

Clouds shatter in my mind,

Suddenly fuzzy.

Nothing else but the fog.

What is it to write about ?

“Someone’s in here ?”, asked her weak and low voice, as the woman was looking through the window, covering the reflect with both her hands.

To beat time is necessary,

Two Beat.

Saaave the world

face to face, you whispered


garçon interstellaire