Growing weeds.

Please change the battery,

Upgrade the memory,

Unlimited RAM.

Just run away,

Please be strong,

I know you can,

I know you will,

Be strong.

for life is shit sometimes,
mostly at your age.

Growing seeds,

Un monde s’effondre,

Les rescapés s’entre-tueront.

The Future Is Unwritten

Closing eyes out of light.

Something will happen to you.

Protecteur incarné.

La griffe t’auras.

Dans ton coeur pénètreras,

En mille morceaux explosa.

careful with your thoughts.

Watching your behaviour.

Hug me if you need to,

I’ll do my best for you.

for I can’t teleport sorry.

For you won’t see these lines,

Yet they do exist.

Really such a mess.

What a world ;


Not this one!

What is fun about making boys cry,

I’m making a nostalgia monster,

Fed upon thousands..


garçon interstellaire