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Tower won’t raise unless you bring it water,

Unless you bring it your hands,

Unless you bring in your soul,

Unless you bring it your entire being.

For that is the law.


Cette bête informe aspire ton âme.

Transforme ton état d’âme.

Te pousse jusqu’aux lames.

Diamétralement opposé.

I don’t wanna be followed

I wanna be listened

I don’t wanna be listened

I wanna be loved

Burn the evidence..

A hair you touch

Red turns the eyes.

for I’m strong now,

don’t you worry.

Tellement d’imprévus j’en perds la vue.

Ne pas se tromper. deux directions.

My apologies.

Saturday first saturday first

What a joke saturday first.


Seven days, seven letters,

5c5c i

Just believe.


garçon interstellaire