Sleep deprived

Tears at night.

All the way,

To the top,


from the sky.

Look at the bright side

Cloudless sky

I may not drown.

Wet hair.

Throwing them in the lake,

All this time spent.

The Tower of Life,

Can’t be climbed,

Without losing parts of you.


He fell,

Yet his faith remained unchanged.

No one knows what it’s like..

..Who knows what it’s like

Say it.


“Once all the flowers died

What’s more than ashes..

Just keep walking

If you need to,

Stay alone.”

To the sad man

The only one.

Barefoot on the field,

Along the dark roads,

The hot sand,

And the cold moon.

Give me an answer

Le Soleil brûle

Tout reconstruire


garçon interstellaire