disturbed kid

time to rest ?

Lost ants

Evil after all

Keep thinking

toutes ces lumières qui n’étaient pas allumées s’éteignent à jamais.

Une si longue journée, est-ce vraiment réel.

Suivre sa ligne,

everything’s normal after a while

and we keep forgetting what we have

Lèvres balafrées

Que l’on consume à chaque instant

is there anything worse than being amnesic, for it seems anything ever experienced never happened, for it seems whether a cent or a million on the account, wouldn’t change a thing, for it seems change is a fucking illusion, for it seems nothing ever matters but what’s now.

8 sur le dos

Once you know your sins, what ?

i don’t think i can is the reason you can’t

one big asshole who pretends well, but truly wished he wasn’t

look at yourself, what the fuck…

intéractions sociales,

44 nuits

Come out and play

Life is a playground

No Exit

you know it works, just pray.


garçon interstellaire