freed tissues

too often forget the violence of the wild.

to prove that nothing’s out to getch u

Virtual Reality

Jar and bottles

where is freedom

Green moon


going apart and it seems as inevitable

who’s in charge

who’s in control

tiny cage and treats

nothing but your own mind

nothing but your own mind

the flow is interrupted

it’s dangerous, but i’m falling

Counter Entropy. To Keep Flying With The Birds

where are the birds…

everything extorior comes from interior

Don’t you know that you’re toxic

I take a sip from the devil’s beverages shop

bLue yEllow rEd pUrple

dogs ain’t nothing better under that worldview, feeling like a dog, will i ever again, self loathing

Brise mes chaines. ces nouvelles chaines. Plus aucune chaine.

And I digress.

For isn’t it what I do best.

Temporary thoughts staying forever

Forgotten yet somewhere there

Smack you not after clouds of smoke.

what’s deadliest than a colony of ants

on repeat. on purpose ?


garçon interstellaire